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ViewSonic PX747-4K Ultra HD Home Projector Review

ViewSonic PX727 PX747 Projectors 4K & HDR plus Massive 300 Inch Screen Size!
Review by AIM - November 2018

ViewSonic PX727 vs PX747 - what's the difference?

There are 2 models, the PX727 and PX747 - so which one is right for you? If you're buying for a dedicated home theatre room, or mainly for night time use, the PX727 is the way to go.

If you're looking for a lounge room, games room or even office use then you'll appreciate the extra brightness of the PX737. The extra
brightness will help the image stand out against the ambient light in the room. The trade off is that the black levels and colour accuracy won't be quite as good in a darkened room, so that's where the PX727 is the better choice.

Both models have amazing image details and clarity for the price, so all you need to do is decide if you want the best result for gaming and daytime use in the lounge room, or movies at night.

In a Home Cinema room brightness is not as important as colour accuracy, you won't even use 2200 ANSI lumens.


PX727-4K-Viewsonic-projector price

Engineered with an advanced DLP® 4K Ultra HD chip with XPR technology, this projector delivers 3840 x 2160 distinct pixels for true 8.3 million pixel (Via XPR) 4K UHD resolution.

A word of warning up front, be sure the one you buy is Australian stock with an Aussie warranty because one downfall with lower cost projectors from all makers is they have a higher failure rate known as "DOA" or dead on arrival than their more expensive counterparts.

Once you're over the first few hours they are as reliable as any but what do you do if the company you purchased from messes you around or is no longer in business?

Viewsonic also have a PX727 version which is similar but not as bright (2200 ANSI Lumens) it also uses a different colour wheel RGBRGB vs. RGBW on the PX747. Why would ViewSonic make a "lesser" version? As a rule of thumb the brighter the projector the less accurate the colours are and the worse the performance is in a light controlled room (Cinema Room) in the dark.

ViewSonicPX747-4K boarder - overscan

The ViewSonic PX747-4K Projector is at home in the lounge room, there you need as much light output as possible (within reason). The punchy light output means you can watch sports in the day time (nothing works with sun light shining on it) it's a bonus for gamers too.  The faster response time (lower input lag, around 20ms) over the PX727 (48ms) is a must for gamers, we doubt you'll notice any lag on most gaming. Another way to think about lag vs. colours in dark rooms (% of Rec 709 or THX for example) is via the number of segments in the colour wheel, the more there are the more work the processor has to do for each frame and the longer it takes but you'll get extra detail in the colour rendition.  

There is an optional Wi-Fi adapter but we don't recommend this on any projector in 4K, put simply turn on the microwave and see what happens.

  • You can project up to 300 inches but most people will use around 100-140 inches.

The below image (being professionally taken) is a good indication of what you could expect in your lounge room.

Note people standing in front of the projected image.

ViewSonic 4K projectors


Some say it's not "native" 4K but did they say the old RGB CRT TVs were native 3 pixel?

What we don't like

  • Slight white boarder in dark rooms, depending on ambient lighting

    (See active image area image above)
  • VGA cable included what about a HDMI instead?
  • No lens shift

What we like

  • Dual HDMI inputs
  • 3,500 Lumens for use in brighter rooms
  • HDR & 4K
  • Lower input lag time
  • Super Sharp image
  • USB Power output
  • Back-lit Remote Control

Projection Distance Calculator

PDF Data Sheet with full Specifications

If you're buying for a dedicated home theatre room and intend watching movies in the dark the PX727 is for you. If you're looking for a lounge room, games room or even board room projector then you'll appreciate the extra brightness the PX747 offers. Both have super sharp images and can project a massive screen size up to 300 inches!

Available now Price link with the updated street price.