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EPSON EB-U32 Multi Purpose Projector Review

EB U-32 Projector blurs the line between home cinema and data projectors.

Editors' Choice HCC Editors' Choice - Most Flexible Projector / August-2016

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When Epson talk about high brightness and they mean it, the EBU32 boasts about 3 X more than you need in a light controlled room and enough power for most non light controlled venues.

Sure it's a step down from say Epson's entry point for true home theatre the Epson EH TW5300 the starting point if you're into serious home cinema, but when every saving counts you still buy a projector in the U32 that's ideal for the lounge room rather than the cinema room.

How good is it?

How to connect Epson Projector via wireless review

Good enough for HCC to install in our training room.
--We buy  U32s in bulk so if you see a lower GENUINE price please let us know.

U32 Home Cinema Projection Review

As you can see from the untouched image above the U32 does a great job for entry level home cinema users.

The TW5300 is 2200 ANSI lumens or twice what you'd need for a darkened room (so you'll run it on low lamp mode, saving the lamp life too), 3200 ANSI lumens for the U32. The extra 1,000 lumens won't make it seem 1/3 brighter, more like 25% subjectively because the eyes are not linear in sensitivity.  In a dark room even low or Eco mode may be too bright. 

The Epson U32 offers power over precision that helps overcome many less than ideal lighting conditions but that's with a trade-off for darker image detail. (Dynamic range). This also means you can have a larger screen.  The larger you go the less bright the picture is, if you double the size you 1/4 the brightness. We checked out the throw distance calculator (click here) and figured 110" (Diagonal) would be ideal for our needs.

Epson U32 throw distance calculator

Having a high ANSI lumens rating is very handy because you can (when projecting in a dark room) run the lamp in Eco mode which cuts back on the light output and also extends lamp life up to 10,000 hours not that the lamps are expensive in any case.

The EB U32 can fill in for a home theatre and gaming projector while also doing a reasonable job on a range of source content, especially for sports etc. This is not the best home cinema projector, it's a great all round projector but for true home theatre where you have a dedicated dark room the U32 will be too bright. For a home theatre set-up you'd go for a Epson EH TW6600W or EH TW8200 projector because they are designed for Home Cinema note the EH before the model number this is an abbreviation for Epson HOME. 

EB is for Epson Business none the less the U32 EB model does a great job on movies and TV in the lounge or board room because there is nearly always some light around. 

Put another way the only way to see pure black on a white screen is to have the room pitch black and personally that's not so pleasant. There is another "tricky" way to see blacks and that's to make the white whiter so you perceive blacks and that's where the extra ANSI lumens come into their own it a lit room.

A dedicated home theatre projector can't match the U32's overall usability in less than perfect conditions because once there is light in the room it all comes down to brightness which the Epson EB U32 as we mentioned has in spades.
-- Rather than repeat the reasons Mr. A. Lumen is King check out this article at Ausmedia.

The EB-U32 comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that enables users
easily share and transmit images, text and files from smart devices
using the iProjection app. 

WUXGA resolution is HD. Epson has added some advanced connectivity options, including built-in wireless projection and MHL support, the Epson EB-U32 multi-media projector is designed to be flexible you can use it in the board room, lounge room  or bed room.

Aspect ratio is 16:10 Contrast ratio is 15,000:1 that's not a high CR in comparison to home cinema models but then again we doubt you'd notice on a football game and we know you won't if the room is lit. In fact using a home cinema model in a bright room you may not see much of the program at all as it will be washed out by the ambient light, the U32 overcomes this with brute force, this high ANSI output tricks your eyes into seeing darker areas. It sounds strange but vision is about perception and perception is manipulated by many things not least being brightness. 

As Epson say "You can enjoy beautiful and clear images wherever you go without worrying about ambient light levels. Brightness has long been the specification used for projector comparisons; however the old specification measured only White Light Output, rather than measuring both White Light Output and Color Light Output. The vast majority of the projectors today project color so measuring White Light Output or White Brightness alone is insufficient. Color Light Output gives the projector buyers the data they need and have been missing." They are really having a shot at single chip DLP projectors in that statement.

The light source may be similar but with DLP it's "spliced" to get the final colour so the colour output is lower.

Put the Epson U32 projector almost anywhere via the Horizontal Keystone Adjuster. The unique and new designed Horizontal Keystone Adjuster allows for intuitive horizontal keystone correction of distorted images. Vertical distortion is detected by the projector itself and is corrected automatically. A combination of adjustment features correct image distortion with just one touch for a broader range of placement options.

The EB-U32 comes with two HDMI ports, one of which supports MHL
(Mobile High Definition Link) that can be used to hook up a compatible smart device to
mirror HD content on the big screen. Once connected, the device can be operated and
charged using the projector’s remote control.

- Auto Source Search The projector automatically detects the input source to allow projection to automatically begin without the user having to manually switch the input.

- Auto Power On Projection starts automatically when a signal from the computer is received while the projector is in standby. There is no need to turn on the power using the remote control or the power button on the projector itself.

- Home Screen Home screen is newly supported function from EB-U32. The home screen displays functions which are used the most frequently, including source, wireless connection status. So, they can be accessed easily and immediately.
On default setting, home screen will automatically appear when no signal is input.

- USB Support. It's possible to view a jpeg/bmp/png/gif file without a PC by simply inserting a USB memory device. Split Screen Split Screen allows input from two separate sources to be displayed side by side on the same screen. For example, images from a document camera and an electric textbook could be projected at the same time. Stylish Design & ECO function

- The compact size of EB-U32 (297 x 77 x 244 mm) makes it easy to carry between meetings and maximizes placement possibilities in even the smallest of meeting rooms.

Using wireless now and then is handy so you've got the best of both worlds. HDMI via cable for rock solid Home Cinema and Wireless for connecting to media from your portable devices.

EPSON u32 Lamp review 10,000 hours

Finally the EB-U32 was designed to prevent anyone from being exposed to the hot exhaust even when on a narrow table. Furthermore, the long-life lamp will last up to 10,000 hours in Eco mode, which minimizes lamp replacement, and therefore reduces total cost of ownership.

Wireless FAQ

One of the key features of the U32 is Wireless, it's included in the price!

How do you connect the projector to your laptop / PC?

You may need the Epson application. (Click on image below) it does not come with the projector.

How to connect Epson Projector via wireless review

Then you can search for your projector..

How to connect Epson Projector via wireless review

And enter your Pass-Phrase security code (same as you entered in the projectors menu)..

How to connect Epson Projector via wireless review

That's it, you'll see a mirror of your PC projected.

You get a nice control panel once the software is installed and connected. 

You can change the image quality/connection speed and various other settings.

How to connect Epson Projector via wireless review


  EB-U32 Projector, 1.8m Power Cable, 1.8m Computer Cable, 1.8m USB Cable, Remote Control, 2 x AA Batteries, Soft Carrying Case
Projection System RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system
LCD Panel 0.67-inch wide panel with MLA (D10)
Zoom 1 - 1.2 (Optical)
Screen Size 30" to 300" [0.87m to 9.02m] (Zoom: Wide)
30" to 300" [1.07m to 10.98m] (Zoom: Tele)
Projection Distance 60" screen 1.8 - 2.17 m
Throw Ratio 1.38 (Zoom:Wide), 1.68 (Zoom:Tele)
Projection Lens F Number 1.50 - 1.71
Projection Lens Focal Length 20.42mm-24.5mm
Focus Method Manual
Colour Light Output 3,200 Lumens
White Light Output 3,200 Lumens
Resolution WUXGA
Native Aspect Ratio 16:10
Contrast Ratio 15,000:1
Lamp Hours 5,000 hours (Normal)
10,000 hours (ECO)
Lamp Type 200 W UHE
Keystone Correction Vertical: -30 to +30 degrees
Horizontal -30 to +30 degrees
Tilt Angle 0 to 12 degrees
Input: Video 1 x RCA (Yellow), 1 x Component (via D-sub 15-pin), 2 x HDMI (1x MHL)
Input: Computer 1 x D-sub 15-Pin (RGB), 1 x USB 2.0 type B
Input: Digital 2 x HDMI (1 x MHL)
Input: Audio 1 x RCA (Red/White), 2 x HDMI
Input: Control 1 x USB 2.0 type A
Input: Network I/O 1 x USB Type A
Wireless Connectivity Included
Output Video -
Output Audio -
Speaker Output 2W
EasyMP Network & Control Yes (Wireless LAN included)
EasyMP Network Projection Yes (Wireless LAN included)
PC Free Presentations Yes
USB Plug 'n Play Yes
AV Mute Slide Yes
Instant Off Yes
Auto Power On Yes (PC, USB Display)
Direct Power On/Off Yes
Security Kensington lock 
Security cable hole
Password protect function
Colour Modes Dynamic, Presentation, Cinema, sRGB, Blackboard
Dimensions D x W x H (Including Feet) 244 × 297 × 82 mm
Weight Approx. 2.6kg
Lamp Warranty 1 Year or 750 hours*
Projector Warranty 2 Years (excluding lamps)
Power Consumption: Lamp on 277W
Power Consumption: Standby 0.26W
Noise Level Normal/Eco: 37/28dB
*Which ever comes first


A good value multi-purpose projector that's way better on movies than you'd expect.  

The Epson EB-U32 won't match true home cinema models in darker rooms any more than they can match the U32 in brighter rooms. 

Not a fan of the dynamic iris so we leave it off. We have one going all day projecting Foxtel IQ (multi-view) when not used for Power-points etc. The wireless function works well for business uses (sent from your PC for example) not HD movies. For that connect via HDMI.

Beware Gray Market with no real warranty no matter what they say.