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Panasonic, Sony, Viewsonic, Casio "Lamp Free" Led Laser Projectors

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First let's state none are actually "Lamp Free" if you agree a lamp is: A device that generates light, heat, or therapeutic radiation.

A LED light source is more efficient and should last longer but you pay for it.

For most home cinema uses it may be more cost effective to pay a few thousand less and change lamps say every 3-4,000 hours.

LEDs really come into their own in commercial applications where you need to avoid changing lamps. Claiming they will last for 20,000 is debatable unless the warranty covers them for that long.

LED lights like all other Lumens sources degrade over time so you could make an argument (especially with the cost of lamps falling) that it's better to be able to renew your lamp back to full output every few years.

Our view?

Why not, unless you're paying more than the cost of a few lamps for the technology.

We'd like to know the cost of a replacement LED lamp however.


Sony VPL-FHZ55

Sony VPL-FHZ553-lcd projectors

You can see the Sony VPL-FHZ55 is a commercial projector just by the way it looks.

Where it's different from the other models on this page is it's 3LCD. So we like it more than any single chip DLP.

The VPL-FHZ55 is the world’s first 3LCD laser projector, delivering game-changing performance and reliability in mission-critical installation applications.

It’s ideal for a wide range of installation needs, producing bright, detail-packed WUXGA images with a resolution that’s higher than Full HD. So your audience only sees big, beautiful pictures, not pixels.
The environmentally-friendly laser light source is teamed with 3LCD BrightEra™ technology by Sony. You’ll see the difference with superb image quality and 4000 lumen brightness, plus exceptional contrast and consistent colour stability.
What’s more, the laser light source typically is rated for a typical 20,000 hours operating life – far longer than the UHP lamp in traditional projectors. Dramatically reduced maintenance requirements are complemented by a range of energy-saving feature, significantly driving down total lifetime ownership costs.

In a world first, Sony combines a highly efficient laser light source with 3LCD BrightEra™ technology. This unique combination delivers exceptionally bright, high contrast pictures with excellent colour accuracy and stability, plus high efficiency and significantly greater durability for reduced lifetime ownership costs.

"We have a hunch in 2014 (or late 2013) Panasonic will be offering a home cinema projector similar to the FHZ55 combining 3LCD and a
LED lamp (possibly named the Panasonic AE9000) except it will have specifications more suited to home theater." HCC

Up to 20,000 hours operation with virtually no maintenance

The advanced laser light source offers a typical 20,000 hours operation without maintenance or replacement, reducing lifetime running costs compared with traditional projectors. Synchronised (20,000 hours) filter replacement cycles keep the projector in peak operating condition while reducing maintenance trips even further.

Clear, bright, punchy presentations in any lighting conditions

Add more detail, impact and realism to presentations with high 4000 lumen brightness. Get your message across clearly, even when ambient light levels are high.

Crisp, detail-packed WUXGA resolution images

See the finest detail in PC presentations, videos or multimedia signage with WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 resolution.

Up to 8,000:1 contrast ratio

Bring new levels of impact and excitement to any presentation. Sparkling highlights are brighter and whiter, complemented by incredibly deep, rich blacks and lowlights.

Wide Lens Shift, Zoom and Throw Ratio

Generous zoom, throw and lens shift adjustments give more flexibility for positioning the projector where you need it: close to ceilings, near the screen or even horizontally offset. Extend throw ratio even further with a choice of optional lenses.

360° free-angle installation capability

Enjoy supreme installation flexibility: position the projector freely at any angle – or its side or even upside down.

Create super-size displays with Edge Blending

Seamlessly join accurately colour-matched images from multiple projectors, simplifying creation of stunning super-size displays for retail, corporate and live event applications.

Project onto non-flat surfaces with Image Warping

Easily correct image geometry for natural-looking projections – even on convex or concave surfaces. Corner and edge correction can be easily adjusted with the supplied remote and on-screen menu.

Project Side by Side

Project images from two inputs at the same time: ideal for applications like video conferencing and medical training where two images need to be seen simultaneously.

DICOM GSDF Simulation mode

Get a clear view of digital medical images for training and other non-diagnostic applications. NB: Conforms to GSDF (Grayscale Standard Display Function) medical standards for DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine).

Save energy at the touch of a button

Just push the ECO MODE button on the projector or remote commander to instantly access a range of energy-saving settings.

Auto Dimming

Projector brightness is gradually reduced automatically if there’s no input signal, or after a pre-set time – cutting power consumption and saving energy bills.

Auto Brightness

Laser output power adjusts automatically depending on picture content, saving energy when dark scenes are being projected.

Technical Specifications (Basic)

Brightness - Modes High / Standard / Low 4000 Colour Brightness
Contrast Contrast
Native resolution WUXGA (1920x1200)
Panel size 0,76"
Technology 3LCD/LED Technology


HCCPrice see review

Panasonic, Viewsonic, Casio Lamp-free Led Laser Projectors.

HCCPanasonic PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370

Panasonic LED Laser PT-RZ470
Panasonic Projector PT-RZ470

NOTE: Both models are offered in a black or white cabinet.


Series Utilize LED/Laser-Combined Light Source, Deliver up to 20,000 Hours of Virtually Maintenance-Free Operation

DLP™ projectors that use a new light source (LED + Laser) and are maintenance-free for 20,000 hours.

  • Full-HD resolution, 3,500 lm of brightness and always-on capability make them suitable for applications ranging from education to digital signage.
  • Curved form blends in well with surrounding space.
  • Easy to use – have a lens ring that allows the user to easily adjust the focus from behind the device while looking at the projected image, and a lens shift lever to finely adjust the projection lens and image position.
  • Instant ON/OFF function reduces unnecessary projection and saves energy during presentations.

Panasonic, a provider of professional projector solutions, today announced the world’s first lamp-free projector series with HDBaseT™ technology. This new series of projectors replaces a conventional lamp with new LED/laser diodes boosted by Panasonic’s proprietary technologies to realize long lasting high brightness of more than 3,000 lumens. The 1-Chip DLP™ PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series will be made available in two different resolutions, 1080p (1,920 x 1,080) and WXGA (1,280 x 800) with capabilities that were not possible before with conventional lamps.

Observations regarding laser/led projectors..

1. Best for high hour usage such as displays.

2. The TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) may not be great for home users as the projectors cost a lot more than similar or better lamp based models, also the cost of lamps is coming down.

3. If as a home user you get say 3,000 hrs from a lamp you'd probably be looking to replace your projector after 3 or 4 lamps in any case.

4. Looking into a laser based projector could be harmful to sight.

5. Manufacturers don't give you a 20,000 hour warranty. Most lightly in Australia it will be 3 years.

6. 20,000 hours engine life is (as we understand it) based on half brightness. Much of the electronics such as the power supply may not last that long.

7. Over 20,000 hours we'd expect as much as a 30% drop off in brightness as LEDs output diminish with time. This is also true of projector lamps such as UHP however once you replace the lamp you're back to maximum output.


By pairing an LED/laser light source with Panasonic’s installation flexibility – including lens shift capability – the PT-RZ470 Series and PT-RZ370 Series represent a new and important milestone in projector evolution.

By providing end users with continuous high brightness and professional grade features including Edge Blending and Color Matching, Panasonic has enriched the projector usage experience for educational institutions and professional applications such as museums and digital signage.

The new lighting technology delivers up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation and as a result, operating costs often associated with periodic labor and service can be drastically reduced.

High Picture Quality

Because of Panasonic’s excellent optical engineering accuracy and cooling efficiency, the projectors feature long lasting high-brightness levels and high picture quality.

All of the projector models are equipped with Panasonic’s proprietary Daylight View technology, where a built-in ambient light sensor matches the image quality according to the surrounding conditions. Together with the wide color space and vivid colors of the projector, they help viewing of the projectors in rooms with bright lights. DICOM Simulation mode is also available for use in medical training applications*2

Panasonic Digital Link

Each new model will feature a Digital Link connection. Based on Valens HDBaseT™ technology, Panasonic’s Digital Link is embedded in the PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series, allowing a single cable to transmit uncompressed HD videos, audio and control commands up to 100m (328ft). The need for an external receiver is eliminated when the projectors are used together with Panasonic’s new ET-YFB100 switcher box or other switchers with HDBaseT™ chipset.

Panasonic has partnered with industry-leading manufacturers of HDBaseT solutions including Crestron, Extron, and AMX, to insure the interoperability of PT-VW431DU with Crestron’s DigitalMedia 8G+™ compatible switchers, Extron’s XTP Systems and AMX’s Enova DVX and DGX Digital Media Switchers.

Ease of Operation

The PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series projectors turn on and reach full brightness virtually instantaneously without any need for warm up time, enabling the projectors to be used immediately. There are no limitations on the number and duration of on/off cycles. Durability and reliability is further backed up by 24/7 operation capability.

Installation Flexibility

The PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series are designed with 2x zoom and exceptionally wide lens shift range. This provides flexibility for replacement installations, eliminating the need to reposition an existing universal ceiling mount.

The PT-RZ470 Series support 360-degree installation and portrait mode projection. No intricate mirror is necessary to realize these special projections, changing and expanding the way projectors can be used in a variety of environments. The PT-RZ470 Series is equipped with a number of professional features that make it ideal for complex installations. Built in Edge Blending, Color Matching and Multi-Unit Brightness Control function enable multiple unit projection without any need for external processors. 3D compatibility is another benefit boasted by the new series.

Availability (Australia)

The PT-RZ470 and PT-RZ370 Series projectors will be available through authorized Panasonic resellers starting in Q2 2013. The series will have basic warranty of 3 years*4; light source operation will be warranted for more than 10,000 hours.

HCC Specifications & Inclusions are subject to change without notice. E. & O.E


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HCC ViewSonic Pro9000 projector

"Full HD 1080p laser LED hybrid projector ideal for home theater"

Viewsonic LED Laser Pro 9000

This projector is equipped with IT DarkChip3 technology to deliver excellent colors, while 1080p resolution with 1,600 ANSI lumens and 100,000:1 ultra-high contrast produce astonishing, razor-sharp image quality. Built with the advanced hybrid light engine, the Pro9000 is a lamp-free projector that can operate 20,000 hours of light life, with filter-less design making it virtually zero maintenance.

The projector comes standard with dual HDMI for connecting to 1080p devices, audio out for attaching external stereo speakers and RS232 for centralized remote control capability. Home theater enthusiasts can count on the Pro9000 full HD 1080p laser LED hybrid projector to bring stunning, movie-like visual experience to any room.

Key Features:

  • Laser LED hybrid technology for exceptional color performance
  • Full HD 1080p delivers the finest picture quality
  • Stunning home theater performance powered by TI DarkChip3 technology
  • 100,000:1 ultra high contrast ratio for razor sharp images
  • Dual HDMI inputs for true digital picture clarity
  • Mercury-free hybrid light engine design provides optimal efficiency in brightness & energy
  • Lamp-free design for 20,000 hours of light life
  • ECO-mode & filter-less design for longer product life & virtually maintenance free
  • One of the best warranties in the business: 3 years on parts, labor and light source, and free 1st year Express Exchange service


  • Type
  • 0.65" Digital Micromirror Device (DLP™), 1080p DarkChip3™
  • Resolution
  • 1920 x 1080 (native)
  • Lens
  • 1.2x manual optical zoom / manual optical focus
  • Zoom Factor
  • N/A
  • Keystone
  • Vertical digital keystone correction (+/- 15º)
  • Display Size
  • 38"–150" / 0.97m–3.8m (diagonal)
  • Throw Distance
  • 4.9ft–16.4ft / 1.5m–5.0m
  • Throw Ratio
  • 1.5:1 ~ 1.8:1
  • Lamp Type
  • LED/Laser Hybrid
  • Lamp Life (normal/eco-mode)
  • >20,000 hrs
  • Brightness
  • 1600 Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio
  • 4000:1 (dynamic)
  • Aspect Ratio
  • 16:9 (native), 4:3, Auto
  • Color Wheel
  • N/A
  • Color Depth
  • 30 bits, 1.07B Color (10+10+10)
  • Color Gamut
  • 85% NTSC 1931 CIE
  • Computer and Video
  • NTSC M (3.58 MHz), 4.43MHz, PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, 60), SECAM (B, D, G, K, K1, L), 480i and 576i, 480p and 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Frequency
  • Fh: 15–100KHz, Fv: 24–85Hz Video:24-85 Hz
  • PC
  • VGA to 1080p
  • Mac®
  • Up to 1080p (requires MAC adaptor)
  • Audio Input
  • 3.5mm mini jack
  • Audio Out
  • 3.5mm mini jack
  • RGB Input
  • 15-pin mini D-sub (x2) / 15-pin mini D-sub
  • Composite Input
  • RCA jack
  • S-Video Input
  • 4-pin mini-DIN
  • Component
  • N/A
  • RGB Output
  • 15-pin mini D-sub
  • Control
  • RS-232 (DB-9)
  • Digital
  • HDMI 1.3 (x2)
  • Network
  • N/A
  • USB
  • N/A
  • Mic-In
  • N/A
  • Screen Trigger
  • N/A
  • Card Reader
  • N/A
  • Speakers
  • 2W (x2)
  • Amplifier
  • N/A
  • Voltage
  • 100~240VAC (Auto Switching), 50/60Hz (universal)
  • Consumption
  • <186W ±10% / <0.5W (stand-by mode)
  • Basic
  • Power, keystone, arrow, blank, menu, exit, mode, enter, auto, source, volume, info
  • OSD
  • picture, video/audio, setting, options (See user guide for full OSD functionality)
  • Temperature
  • 32ºF–104ºF (0ºC–40ºC)
  • Humidity
  • 10%–90% (non-condensing)
  • Altitude
  • Altitude 0~6,000 ft (1,800m), operational up to 10,000 ft (3048m)
  • Normal
  • 28dB
  • Eco-Mode
  • 22dB
  • Net
  • 9.4 lb. / 4.3 kg
  • Gross
  • 15 lb. / 6.8 kg


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HCC Casio XJ-ST155 (Short Throw)

3000 Lumens. XGA (1024 X 768). Short Throw 0.68:1 fixed lens. Hybrid Light Source. DLP Technology. USB.

LED Laser Projector Casio XJ-ST155

  • Ecologically Sound

    - Mercury-free illumination technology
    - 20,000 hours without changing lamps with up to 3000 lumens
    - Power consumption less than 1 watt in standby mode

  • Functional and Versatile

    - Brilliant and natural color rendition
    - Consistent High Brightness
    - Short Throw 0.68:1 fixed lens
    - Interactive Whiteboard Capable

  • Economical and Efficient

    - 20,000 hours without changing lamps
    - Low cost of ownership

  • Powerful and Innovative

    - Connectivity - RGB, Video, HDMI, RS-232, Audio In/Out
    - Built-in 10w Speaker
    - DLP 3D Ready

Other LED Lamp models


HCC Casio XJ-H1700

4000 Lumens. XGA (1024 X 768). 1.2X Zoom. Hybrid Light Source. DLP Technology.

LED Laser Projector CasioXJ-H1700

  • Ecologically Sound

    - Mercury-free illumination technology
    - 20,000 hours without changing lamps with 4,000 lumens
    - Power consumption less than 1 watt in standby mode

  • Functional and Versatile

    - Brilliant and natural color rendition
    - Automatic Brightness
    - 1.2X Manual Zoom

  • Economical and Efficient

    - 20,000 hours without changing lamps
    - Low cost of ownership

  • Powerful and Innovative

    - Connectivity - Two(2) RGB, RGB Output, Video, HDMI, RS-232, Audio In/Out
    - DLP 3D Ready

HCC Casio XJ-SK600

6000 Lumens. WXGA (1280 X 800). 1.5X Zoom. Hybrid Light Source. DLP Technology.

LED Laser Projector CasioXJ-SK600

  • Dual Projection System

    Casio’s Dual Projection System combines two LampFree™ Signature Projectors and projects overlapping images onto a single screen with 6000 lumen brightness; approximately twice the brightness of a single projector. The Geometric Correction System aligns both images and this provides a sharper and brighter projection good for large screens in restaurants, pubs, and sports bars.

  • Geometric Correction System

    The Geometric Correction System, YA-S10, is also available as a separate system for unique projection applications including curved surfaces. This allows the projection of a crisp image on a curved pillar in malls, movie theaters, etc. You can adjust any image distortion by simply using the remote control.

  • Ecologically Sound

    - Mercury-free illumination technology
    - 20,000 hours without changing lamps with up to 6,000 lumens
    - Power consumption less than 1 watt in standby mode

HCC Casio XJ-A251

3000 Lumens. WXGA (1280 X 800). 2X Zoom. Hybrid Light Source. DLP Technology.

LED Laser Projector CasioXJ-A251

  • Ecologically Sound

    - Mercury-free illumination technology
    - 20,000 hours without changing lamps with up to 3,000 lumens
    - Power consumption less than 1 watt in standby mode

  • Functional and Versatile

    - Brilliant and natural color rendition
    - Automatic Brightness
    - Presentation Timer
    - Consistent brightness
    - 2X optical zoom

  • Economical and Efficient

    - 20,000 hours without changing lamps
    - Low cost of ownership

  • Powerful and Innovative

    - HDMI port
    - Quick start and shut down
    - WXGA
    - Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.69” x 8.26” x 1.69”


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