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Projector Lamp Replacements Australia
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Projector Lamp Replacements Australia

Epson ELPLP82

Should I order a projector bulb online? Will it smash?

You’d be amazed at what a well-packed item can withstand. Choose well your supplier of bulbs or lamp modules to make sure the item arrives in one piece. There is no faster way to ruin your plans that to receive a deflated package of expensive glass dust in the mail. Sometimes it seems like a package has been through a series of separate horrors when it arrives. Read the reviews of your supplier before you commit to sending a lamp module through the mail.

Is it safe to send projector bulbs in the mail


Who Makes The Bulbs?

Manufacturing bulbs is a specialized and delicate business. When most people think of lighting, they think of brands like Philips. The bulb manufacturers provide bulbs to all your favourite brands  who create a custom  module, creating a “Genuine Lamp”.

How do I know if a store is selling a branded lamp or a generic?

It’s a minefield out there. Unfortunately  generic lamps or bulbs have become the norm. It’s not always clear exactly what you’re getting. In all things bargain-hunting, let the buyer beware. We’re not about to say that you always have to use the branded product, life experience shows us that it’s not always true. How many of us go to a completely different mechanic for our cars than the manufacturer. Our rule is based on the complexity of the issue, if it’s something serious, go to the source. If it’s consumables and you know what you’re doing in generic land, then go right ahead.

If you’ve got cash to splash, then get the branded bulb and all the peace of mind that comes with being able to complain to the manufacturer if it all goes to blazes. If you are more price conscious, choosing an online seller with a track record and lots of reviews is going to save you a lot of headaches when it comes to matching generic projector lamp replacements. 


Knock-off or Legit: Choose your own projector lamp adventure. 

Generic Projector Bulbs Replacements Lamp Australia
Can I replace my own projector bulb

 in bWhy Can’t I just Swap the Bulb?

Projector bulbs are supplied in a module. You can still buy bare bulbs out there, this is the internet after all. Naturally the manufacturer wants to keep control of quality and safety so they will always recommend that you use the correct, branded lamp module. Besides, installing a bulb is significantly more difficult than installing a lamp module, sometimes requiring soldering. The risk in damaging the projector is probably not worth the cost saving in buying a knock-off bulb. Having said that, each situation is different.

If you have two left thumbs and no electrical knowledge, just buy the whole module and we’ll speak no more of bare bulbs. If you are a bona fide tinkerer of all things electronic then we already know you won’t be asking this question, you would have swapped the bulb already.  Self-awareness is key. Poor bulb packaging is not the only time you get expensive glass dust. A poor attempt at bulb swapping can also result in glass dust confetti. Sparkly, expensive and dangerous. Know your limits.

What is the cost of Epson projector bulb?

So you’ve hunted and collected your Epson projector. After many hours of delightful home theatre you realise the projector lamp has a limit. So what is the cost of an Epson projector lamp in Australian dollars? Naturally, the price varies depending on the model of the projector and the type of lamp. The price could be $25 for a knock off lamp, right up to $1300 or beyond, depending on the fanciness level of your projector. The price will also vary depending on where you shop. 

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