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Longhorn Lumiere 120 inch Fixed Projector Screen

Screen Size: 
100 inch
Aspect Ratio: 
Longhorn Lumiere 100 inch Fixed Projector Screen

Longhorn Lumiere 16:9 ratio premium widescreen with micro ripple technology

  • High-quality alloy extrusion
  • Quality velour trim to absorb any overthrow of light
  • Rigid and sturdy frame design
  • Professional finish
  • Easy assembly will have your Longhorn screen up on the wall in under 30 minutes
  • Micro ripple screen

The Longhorn Lumière Series Projection Screen is the choice for discerning buyers that want a high-end projection screen without breaking the budget.

The Lumière Series has been designed and tested in Australia to exacting standards to ensure you many years of happy viewing.

Only the best quality finishes are used and the result is a stunning looking projection screen with performance to match. When compared to some more expensive projection screens, the amount of light leakage is minimal giving you a more efficient gain screen, thus enhancing your home cinema experience.