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Introduction to Home Cinema

For light controlled (Home Theatre) rooms you'll buy a "Home Cinema" or Theatre projector.

They don't need to be as bright as data or "lounge room" projectors, what they lack in ANSI (how you measure) brightness they make up for in fine shadow detail. There are so many numbers printed on the box that mean nothing in real life. Think about how big the dots are on a bill board yet you don't see them! There is no one correct answer it depends on your budget, use and location you intend to project into.

Don't get carried away with contrast ratio. If you can't see the image because the projector is not bright enough for your room's ambient light then CR means exactly nothing. The better the projector the less they need to lie to you on the box? Most projectors have a NATIVE contrast ratio less than 10,000:1 so massive increases from this starting point are achieved with smoke and mirrors so to speak!

We've had people return both LCD and DLP projectors because they did not like the image, if your last projector was LCD consider sticking to that now you're used to it, same for DLP. LCD needs to have all 3 panels in alignment, single chip DLP does not have that to consider, rather all colours are projected in very quick sequence from the same fixed staring point. Most people never notice. Video (all really) movies etc. are also shown one after the other (FPS), you perceive a smooth moving image.


You'll need a GENUINE Australian Warranty!

..because complicated high performance projectors can every now and then break down.
It may only be 1 in 100 that is "DOA" but that's when you don't want to be hit up for $300 to send it back OS.

Read their fine print many trick you and you have to send it back to them, if they are still around.

Links from HCC do not have this problem they are ALL genuine Aussie Warranty..

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