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Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS9600e - LS10000 Projector Review

April 25th, 2016

More than just a better light source, it's the Absolute Black..

Epson LS9600e vs Epson EH-LS1000 review

It's not the brightness that's impressive, it's the lack of it in dark scenes.

You wouldn't buy either the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS-9600e (1200 ANSI 1080P) or LS10000 (1500 ANSI 4k enhanced)
for their new "laser" light source, you'd buy an LS for the quality of the image it can project, in the case of the LS-10000 4k enhanced.

If you need a super bright projector for a very bright room you'd be better off financially buying a data projector. 
Buying either for the blackest of blacks in a dedicated home theatre room
Your on the right track.

Epson Projector Review

Depending on use you may get 30,000 hours from the light source. By that time it's time to get a new projector for most home users.
Hours depend on lamp mode, if you're always running on normal mode (room is not dark) the hours will be less. Because there is less heating up of the light source the projectors offer almost instant on/off.
You do need to consider that the price of lamps are falling on "normal" projectors plus all light sources lose efficiency over time.

For many lens memory will be a feature they have been waiting for from Epson, ISF Calibration tools and THX certification ensure accurate and exceptional picture quality.
Cooling noise is lower than most too, 19dB is a few dB lower than say the already quiet Epson EH-TW8200 @ 22dB. 
This is not such a big difference that you'd notice it much but lower is lower. (Low lamp mode).

Lens memory Epson LS9600e LS1000

Epson's new 4k offering is "sort of 4k or poor man's 4k"  To arrive at this (Enhanced) output each pixel is shifted diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double the resolution to 3840 x 2160 not available in 3D.

The LS-9600e is available in a wireless configuration, it's not available on the LS-10000 top model so this should tell you not to use wireless unless you really need to. 
There is no such thing as interference free wireless.


Epson with their home use PowerLite Pro Cinema  LS 9600e and Top Shelf PowerLite Pro Cinema LS 10000 continue to evolve with the new range of "lamp free" projectors making sure that real home cinema is in the reach of the average household in the case of the 9600e. 

You need to read all the fine print as always, the bottom line is even better images than ever before which is no mean feat.


LS10000 Key Features

Stunning 4K Enhancement

Discover a whole new way to watch movies — the way film-makers intended. Epson's 4K Enhancement Technology delivers astonishing picture quality. Now every subtle intricacy is captured — even your most-loved films will offer something new. Plus, Epson's Detail Enhancement Technology refines surface details for true-to-life images that pop off the screen. Users can adjust levels of sharpness and detail enhancement for optimal viewing. This isn't just a new way to watch movies — it's the best way.

Pixel Scaling

TK Epson's revolutionary 4K Enhancement Technology shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels for twice the vertical and horizontal resolution. Enjoy unbelievable sharpness and clarity, even closer to the screen. 4K Enhancement delivers immersive images.

Dual Laser Light Source

Considering the advantages offered by a laser system, Epson's decision to use a laser light source for the LS10000 was an obvious choice. The laser light engine's long, 30,000-hour lifespan provides virtually worry-free operation. And, there's no waiting for the projector to warm up or cool down — the projector reaches maximum brightness and turns off almost immediately. Plus, high-speed contrast control ensures both bright and dark scenes look their best.

Wide Colour Gamut

Enjoy brilliant, color-rich performance. The full sRGB colour gamut is visible even in the brightest mode. And, the DCI color gamut — the digital cinema standard — is also achievable.

Absolute Black

For decades, 3LCD projectors have been praised within the industry for delivering superior color and gradation. Now, with Epson's innovative 3LCD Reflective system, you get remarkably high contrast as well. Featuring advanced liquid crystal on quartz technology, these 3LCD Reflective projectors boast exceptional performance, including an improved pixel density and increased aperture ratio for smoother, film-like pictures.

Lens Memory

Fast, quiet and precise, the EH-LS10000 allows you to preset up to 10 positions for zoom, focus and lens shift for both standard projection and wide cinema ratios. Project 2.40, 1.85 and 1.78 aspect ratios on the same screen without an anamorphic lens — and no downtime when switching between ratios. Watch movies on a grander scale at the touch of a button, without any disruptive black bars.

2D-to-3D Conversion

Transform any 2D movie, from the latest science-fiction adventure to your favourite classic, to spectacular 3D. Or, watch the big game in exciting 3D. The EH-LS10000 makes it easier than ever with convenient 2D-to-3D conversion. With just the touch of a button, you can watch your favourite shows and movies in eye-popping 3D. There are no special discs required. And, the possibilities are endless.

LS-1000 - All specifications Subject to Change Without Notice
  • Stunning 4K Enhancement – Discover a whole new way to watch movies — the way filmmakers intended. Epson's 4K Enhancement Technology delivers an astonishing picture quality
  • Upscale 1080P content – Epson's revolutionary 4K Enhancement technology makes standard and HD content come alive. From the feathers in a plume to freckles on a nose, you'll see every incredible detail
  • Dual Laser Light Source – The dual laser diode illumination system — one for red and green, the other for blue — ensures balanced, high-quality images
  • Absolute Black – Experience incredible, unprecedented black levels — with zero lumens during Absolute Black scenes
  • Lens Memory – The EH-LS10000 allows you to preset up to 10 positions for zoom, focus and lens shift for both standard projection and wide cinema ratios
  • Amazing Colour Brightness – 1,500 Lumens colour brightness and 1,500 Lumens white brightness
  • 3LCD Reflective Technology – Light reflection reduces and corrects the variation of polarization, delivering rich, deep blacks
  • A True Cinematic Experience – Innovations, including Epson's unique Super-resolution with Detail Enhancement Technology, exceptional frame interpolation capabilities, as well as powerful Bright 3D Drive projection let you experience a new standard in home entertainment
  • Powered Lens Shift – Lens shift technology enables outstanding installation flexibility with an incredible range of up to ±90% on the vertical axis and up to ±40% on the horizontal axis
  • Efficient Cooling System – With noise levels as low as 19 dB, these are among the quietest projectors in the industry
  • Wide Ranging Connectivity – Connect to virtually any device, making your entertainment more accessible
  • 2D-to-3D Conversion – Easily transform 2D images to spectacular 3D for unlimited 3D content
  • Exciting 3D Made Easy – Two pairs of RF 3D glasses included
  EH-LS10000 Projector, Power Cable, Remote Control + Batteries, Cable Cover, HDMI Clamp x 2, 3D Glasses + USB cable for charging x 2, User Manual
Projection System RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system
LCD Panel 0.74-inch wide panel, Reflective HTPS
Zoom 1 - 2.1 (Optical)
Screen Size 30" to 300" [0.83 to 8.57 m] (Zoom: Wide)
30" to 300" [1.79 to 18.19 m] (Zoom: Tele)
Projection Distance 100" screen 2.83 - 6.04 m
Throw Ratio 1.28 (Zoom: Wide), 2.73 (Zoom: Tele)
Projection Lens F Number 2.5 - 3.7
Projection Lens Focal Length 21.3 mm - 44.7 mm
Focus Method Powered
Colour Light Output 1,500 Lumens
White Light Output 1,500 Lumens
Resolution 1080p (4K Enhancement)
Native Aspect Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ratio Absolute Black
Full White 1,500lm / Full Black 0lm
Laser Type Laser Diode 41.9 mW (Output)
Colour Reproduction Up to 1.07 billion colours
Colour Processing 10 bit (Partial 12bit)
Keystone Correction Vertical: -30 to +30 degrees
Horizontal: -30 to +30 degrees
Lens Shift Vertical: -90% to +90%
Horizontal: -40% to +40%
Input: Video 1 x RCA (Yellow), 1 x Component Video
Input: Computer 1 x D-sub 15-pin (RGB)
Input: Digital 2 x HDMI (1 x MHL)
Input: USB 1 x USB A (Photo Viewer)
Input: Control 1 x RS232c
Trigger Out 2 x 3.5mm mini-jack
WirelessHD No
Super Resolution Yes
4K Enhancement Yes
3D Formats Top-and-Bottom, Side-by-Side, Frame Packaging
2D to 3D Conversion Off / Weak / Medium / Strong
Internal Speakers No
Picture in Picture Yes
Direct Power On Yes
Security Kensington®-style lock provision
Colour Modes 2D: Dynamic, Living room, Natural, Cinema, Auto
3D: 3D Dynamic, 3D Cinema
Dimensions D x W x H (Including Feet) 553 x 550 x 238 mm
Weight Approx. 18kg
Laser Warranty 30, 000 Hours
Projector Warranty 3 Years
Power Consumption: Laser on 442W
Power Consumption: Standby 0.38W
Noise Level Normal/Eco: 28/19dB
*For more information visit Epson Projector Warranty
PRODUCT OPTIONS Item Code Description
  V13H134A39 ELPAF39 Air Filter
  V12H548001 ELPGS03 3D Glasses
  V12H564C12 ELPAC01 Charger for 3D Glasses
  V12H002S2Y ELPSC21B 80" Portable tripod screen
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