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What Projection Screen was that again, Standard or Daylight?

Epson (General Manager – Sales & Marketing - Business Division informed us..) that they use projection screens for their demonstrations based on the display environment, lighting conditions and customer application. That sounds reasonable, if you're clear about it when people are checking out your projectors.

In this section of our review we're talking about Epson's (occasional?) use of specialised projection screens at trade shows, showing projectors in a similar amount of ambient light as you may find in a lounge room at home. 

If Epson thought it was necessary to use a specialised & high cost screen in such situations it seems reasonable to suggest they should have gone to some lengths to have pointed it out to the people viewing it.

The conditions at trade shows are not all that different than the ones touted as appropriate for some of the the Epson projector models.

Daylight type screen

"Our ultra-short-throw laser projector can be situated near to the display area,
can be quickly set up, and delivers a great picture in bright rooms." (Epson EH LS-100)  

Before we get into a screen bait & switch review, below (image) Epson set out for us why we should have faith that Epson Corporate HO want employees to do the "right thing" both in terms of honest marketing and demonstrations. 

At time of writing we don't have examples of others using "super screens" at shows.  If you do please pass it to us so we can include it here.

Principle 1: Acting ethically, building trust

In our opinion some of  Epson's Projector displays at Trade shows could have been misleading.

..Unless there are clear indications when "special" projection screens (and the cost) are in use for demonstrations.

Epson are aiming the promotion of the EH LS100 rightly at the "lounge room" / TV market so it will always be better to demonstrate using the type of projection screen most people will purchase.  People are not keen on spending as much on the screen as they did on the projector. If there are no easily seen disclaimers mentioning the using of and cost for special screen(s), how would people know? 
Any projector, Sony, BenQ, Epson etc. 4K or not looks better in a bright room if using a special screen designed to minimise the ambient light from the reflected image. 

Is that how this projector would look at home?

Epson LS10000 review  If you click on image for link you'll see black bars showing the screen colour = black.

If you said yes, what you see at the show is what you'd expect at home, then you're in for a surprise.

You can see from the image & video below, as well as the link to the actual screen's video testing an Epson projector just how much difference an expensive screen can make, a top screen would make almost any projector look good in the same situation. 

Daylight type screen
Demonstration of "Daylight" screen vs. normal screen. [VIDEO]
See also comments from other reviewers*

Epson Home Cinema LS100 Laser Display Wins AVS Forum Best of CEDIA 2017 Award

"The AVS Forum editorial team selected super-cool, knock-your-socks-off products based on our honest impressions of performance, technology and value represented by the demos we experienced ourselves," said Scott Wilkinson, editor, AVS Forum. "Epson broke the mold of expensive ultra short-throw projectors at CEDIA 2017 with the new Home Cinema LS100.." |more|

- Great! But was that on a standard screen or a special screen? 

Check out this video (CEDIA 2017) when you look at the projection screen in comparison to the white on the surrounding pictures (on the right hand wall) it looks like Epson have again used a specialised "daylight" screen. If that's the case, it would be a poor showing from Epson not to mention it.

We're 99.9% sure that in this video it was a specialised screen. Let us know, hopefully it's just the lighting,if not it seems dishonest to us.

IFA 2017

We can't see any disclaimers in any of the videos. Bottom line is consumers wouldn't get the same result on a standard screen as a "Black" or "Daylight" optical screen,  so why demo that way? Did Epson make it clear when showing the EH-LS100 at IFA 2017 or in New York that they were using a special screen, and that depending on size it could cost as much as (or more than) the projector? 

From the comments below and video footage it's not clear.

Watch this video to see the difference the actual screen Epson used can make to any Epson demonstration

In this video note an Epson projector over 3 X as bright, in comparison looks washed out on a normal screen

Epson can and have given consumers the whole picture on one brochure, note "native" contrast.. 

Well done Epson that's the way to go!

Epson CONtrast

Epson's uses standard projection screens at many shows, it would be nice if Epson were clear when that's not the case and show the difference.

As you can see from the image below (click for source, EH-TW9300 we believe) the display is not as impressive because the screen can't eliminate most of the ambient light.

Epson TW9300 review in bright area

There is no conclusion yet but at least we now know how this all happened.

Buyers of home theatre projectors don't sit there watching a black screen followed by a white screen in 40-70 inch size. 

Epson and the rest have forgotten?

This is a long term review on a subject that's been spoken about for years and we'll continue to talk about it until we see all manufacturers stop using what we think are misleading specifications.  If much of the industry is using the wrong test (see the blackboard above) that's unbelievable, they are paying some of their people too much. Our comments are written on the assumption that this was not done on purpose else it's a whole other set of questions.

Industry needs to do as Choice (and we) suggest and publish ANSI test results for Contrast Rratio in the same size font right under the massive millions. 

Epson via their Australian team of professionals have helped us understand what's happened. We've nothing but respect for their products, if not their accidental advertising. 

Hopefully just as Australia invented Wi-Fi we, with Epson leading the way can re-invent transparency in specifications.

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