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Epson TW5600 vs. BenQ Review

Projector example side-by-side but you'd never guess from specifications.

BenQ W1090 vs. Epson EH TW5300 (Basically the same as TW5600)

You'll need more ANSI (the way it's measured) brightness for well lit rooms.

  • Data Projectors are often used for sports events, they offer a easy to set up projector that you can move from room to room.
Forget all about contrast ratio for data projectors at any price, get as much brightness as you can for the money. Worst case, if the room becomes much darker and you don't need the ANSI Lumens is that you can use the lamp on low or eco mode thus extending massively the lamp life.

Home Theater or Cinema projectors are wasted if you have a lot of light in the room.

The only way you can really see the difference is to cut down the ambient light. Then, especially in dark scenes a "proper" home cinema projector will run rings around most data projectors. Turn the lights way up and the opposite happens but subtle details will be lost.

  • If you have a brightly lit room you need a bright projector, it overcomes the ambient brightness in the room. 
  • Brightness (higher ANSI lumens) fools the eye to perceive black when in fact the black is simply less white than the very bright whites.
  • As a general rule Data projectors are brighter but less subtle in a dark room. 
  • You can buy a DATA projector for the board room and use it in the lounge room. 
  • Don't buy a Home Cinema projector and try to use it in a well lit board room or commercial application.


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