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Optoma HD142x DLP Projector WUXGA Portable 3000


Optoma 142X projector

    142x Projector

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    The Optoma HD142X is a bit of an old-girl now, mate. Onwards! The new model currently selling is the 146X which you can get delivered in the blink of an eye from our buddies at Amazon AU. The Optoma HD142X was a well-priced 1080p projector that has been discontinued. We don’t wish to speak ill of the discontinued so we will say it was impressively compact at 11.7 x 9 x 3.8″.

    142x projector<br />


    The Optoma HD142X was a 1080p projector that offered good overall image quality for a reasonable price. Widely reviewed as having solid contrast, accurate color, and large projection image even in a dark room. The HD142X also has a variety of features that made it a good choice for home theater use, including a short throw lens that allowed it to be placed close to the screen, and a built-in speaker.

    One of the best things about the HD142X is its price. At around $500, it was one of the most affordable 1080p projectors on the market. 


    142x projector angles right

    The 142X was 1080p projector that offers good overall image quality for a very reasonable price. We found one secondhand on US ebay that may still be available if you’re looking to save $$$. 

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    The best thing about retro or discontinued gear is that you can get a true impression of how it performed from the historical review data. 

    Optoma 142X review
    5 Star Review

    Best Review

    Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 23, 2016

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Verified Purchase

    Upon powering on the unit having had the hdmi cable from my reciever (focusing the unit with the wheel above the lens) I was greeted with the logo screen and then I started the setup. The initial setup was easy. I chose my language and my current position of my projector and that was enough to get me started.

    I turned on my source (PS4) and compared the picture projected on a white wall with the picture on my 55″ Sony Bravia 4K. They were very similar in color and with it being 3pm and ample lighting coming in through the windows I was very pleased to be able to see the image clearly. I then went into the main menu and turned the lamp setting to cinema and eco modes and was pleasantly surprised to seen that I still had no trouble making out the images with the ambient lighting coming in the windows.

    I adjusted the keystone using the remote and also adjusted the projector footings until my image was level and again these were very easy steps to accomplish. I decided to try out the 3D so I switched over to my PS3 which plays 3D better than the PS4 (audio sync is way better). I popped in Zootopia 3Dbluray and the projector determined that the source was 3D automatically and asked if I wanted to switch to 3D and gave me the options of DLPLink, VESA or 2D to 3D of which I chose DLP-Link and then proceeded to sync my glasses (not included).

    I started up the movie took a seat and felt like I was in a theater watching the movie all over again. The colors and images popped off of the wall and it was still daytime. I made myself stop watching after about 30 mins and decided that I would do a real test once the sun went down.

    Before I turned off the projector I took out a measuring tape and measured the disgonal which was about 97-98″. It does get pretty warm which is to be expected but the fan was doing a wonderful job of and I could barely hear it when it was on and I definately did not hear it while the movie was playing.

    One star review

    Worst Review

    Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 28, 2016.

    1.0 out of 5 stars 

    “No screen detected” Machine appears to be a piece of shit.

    Verified Purchase

    We just got our device, and it doesn’t work when plugged in to either of our laptops (new Macbook Air and 3-year old Dell Latitude E6410)… We can’t scan through the settings section with the remote or with the arrows on the unit…we we couldn’t adjust it either way. Top it off with customer service not being open on the weekends, and you have a VERY disappointing start to ownership of this machine. Unlike many of the comments, I was not given a discounted or free unit to review.

    Perhaps Optoma can mitigate the issues when customer service is open (BTW, most consumers work during the day, so having your customer service hours set at 9-5 during the week is approaching asinine). As of now, we will be returning it asap.