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BenQ's amazing W2700 4K projector with what you've been wishing for in a low cost 4K projector is now available.
BenQ have also upgraded (100% Rec. 107 and more..) their popular entry level TRUE 4K model W1700 to W1700M.

Check out the W2700 & W5700 for TRUE 4K. The BenQ W5700 Home Theatre projector has the lot at a very reasonable price, it's all you could want in top of the line 4K (True, addressable) home cinema. The BenQ's W5700 also has a longer throw distance than the W2700. The W2700 is an ideal "plug in" upgrade from the W1070 having the same shorter zoom and mount points. Speaking of mounts, if you want the best to go with your new TRUE 4K BenQ projector then check out the new W2700 and W5700 Ultramounts at AIM.

The New BenQ 4K Projectors could be in short supply as production ramps up towards Christmas so much so that some are being air-freighted to Australia as soon as they come off the limited production line.
BenQ W2700 4K projector price

"..Building on this, the $2,499 W2700 can reproduce 100% of the Rec. 709 HD/Blu-ray colour gamut and 95% of the DCI/P3 colour gamut used in 4K UHD and commercial cinema. 

Stepping up to the W5700 brings both 100% of Rec. 709 and DCI/P3 colour gamuts. At $3,999, the W5700 is to the best of my knowledge, the cheapest projector on the market that can reproduce full DCI-P3 colour."


panasonic-152-inch TV

New 4K projectors offer Double the size, 1/250th the price!

The W1700/W2700 are TRUE 4K (Not "Enhanced") Home Cinema projectors at Entry Level Prices.

BenQ W1700 4K HDR CineHome Projector with CinematicColor™ technology expands the thrill of giant screen visuals in your living room. Gather your friends and family in front of the stunning 4K HDR images with immense video and resounding audio enhancement to enjoy an authentic digital cinema experience.

BenQ 4K projectors

Best Genuine Price at AIM Digital

See also high new W2700


HCC teams up with Mr. Antenna

Mr Antenna has technicians that service Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth with all antenna and audio visual needs.  Their  technicians are highly skilled and trained in all aspects of their field.  Mr Antennas simple booking procedure ensures a seamless process and local technician to service you installation. 

Mr. Antenna for Projector instillation  

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So you want super contrast and 3D?

Did you know that most brands 3D glasses are limited to 1,200:1 contrast.

Get more than the numbers on the box, get the real information at HCC. 

HCC is now 100% a reviewer and installer of home & corporate cinema  systems. 

New concept room (Appointment only) so we can show what finished results will look like.

Cinema Room

Projectors offer the Best large screen Value

Flat Screen TVs can be big heavy mirrors! 

Reflections in flat screen TVs

A friend of our asked "What  do you think of the picture" and we didn't have the heart to tell him that his new 60 inch 4K TV was hopeless compared to a projector, at least in the way he was using it. It was an LG but all brands would have the same problem. The first thing we noticed was the massive reflections of the windows in the room. 
The movie playing from Netflix (StarWars) was so pixelated it seemed the 4k was making it worse.

Projectors don't reflect.

The screens or wall that is, also projectors generally seem to handle low res content better. 
Projectors offer an IMPRESSIVE sized image for the same money or less money that you'd spend on a 60 inch mirror!

Home Cinema / Theatre - Gaming Projectors what's best?

We're often asked "what is the best projector" the answer depends on your situation. 
If you've got a well lit or bright room, say a business or board room or lounge room (that's not light controlled) you'll need a brighter projector (more ANSI lumens) than one designed for the lounge or home theatre. Sound systems are the same, there is not one that's right for every situation. If you're after a very good system to go with a top line projector in a home theatre please contact us for a bundle price including delivery.

The Projection Screen can make a big difference too. 
The size and aspect ratio of the screen relates back to the projectors specifications, location and the lighting. 

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